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IC Kit #1 - Become a Consultant Today!

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Become an Independent Consultant today!

This kit is designed for the representative that is interested in in-home parties.  With several jewelry display items and several jewelry items from the catalog, you will be able to share your beautiful product with your customers.

The kits includes the following (colors may vary):

Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings Women 7-8mm 8-9mm Earrings, 925 Sterling Silver studs and earring stand



Lots of Love Sterling Silver and Pearl Bracelet and a bracelet pillow


Lots of Love Sterling Silver and Pearl Ring and a ring stand


Fashion Twisted Akoya Pearl Pendant Necklace and a necklace stand


You will also get 25 oysters in your kit (requiring a $100 deposit).

Each oyster is vacuum packed.  They can last 1 1/2 to 2 years unopened.  If opened, the product will only last approximately 2-3 days.  If you remove them from the vacuum packing, put them in a solution of 25% alcohol and 75% water.  This will allow the oysters to stay fresh longer.  Once opened, the oysters must be used and shells discarded within 3-4 days.

You can order oysters in packs of 25.  Here is the deposit prices:

Base kit - $199

20 oysters - $100 deposit (refunded after $250 in sales)
40 oysters - $200 deposit (refunded after $500 in sales)
80 oysters - $400 deposit (refunded after $1000 in sales)
200 oysters - $800 deposit (refunded after $2000 in sales)


 You will also get access to all of the documents you need for the business.  You will be able to print and use them as needed.

There is a back office dashboard available to all representatives to show how many sales you have made and what your commissions are.

Your personal sales earn you 20%.  Anyone you recruit into Delta Pearls will earn you another 4% of their sales.  If your recruits also recruit, you will get 1% of their sales.  So you are able to earn on 3 levels.

Training will include PDF documents, audio, and video.  

I would personally like to thank you for taking a look at our company and invite you to become a consultant with Delta Pearls!


Shelly Turner

Owner of Delta Pearls



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