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How it Works


Host A Pearl Party

The fun is contagious!

At a Delta Pearls Party, we bring the oysters to you and your friends. Each one contains a beautiful, genuine Pearl!

When your oyster is opened and the Pearl is discovered, excitement sweeps through the Party!

Your Pearl can then be placed into any one of our many beautiful cage pendant designs!

Or, you can choose some of our beautiful jewelry options that do not require an oyster opening.

And when you host a qualifying party ($250 in sales or more) with Delta Pearls, you get plenty of rewards yourself!

1.  A free oyster with a guaranteed pearl

2.  A free pearl cage necklace of your choice


Choose any one from our "pearl cages" category

3.  For each booking from your party, you get will get you a $5 off gift certificate to use on your next Delta Pearls purchase.


4.  A total of at least three bookings will also get you a beautiful set of pearl earrings.

5.  Get at least $1000 in sales at your party and get a beautiful strand of pearls valued at $199

6.  Hostess FREE jewelry credit