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Thank you for your interest in Delta Pearls!  We are so excited about what we can offer you and what you can offer us as we build a business partnership.  Our company started in the heart of the Delta in Mississippi.  It started with an idea and is now moving forward as we continue to grow and bring more people aboard to help us grow.   

We hope, as we continue to grow, that we can provide you with the income you desire and we hope to be able to give back to the communities in the Delta, where this all started!  Our belief is that if we help others to grow and prosper, we can't help but grow and prosper ourselves.  So we are so excited that you are considering joining us on this great adventure!

We are very eager to bring new consultants into the company as we continue to grow.  We are also excited that you are interested in not only building your own business, but helping us grow as a company.  

This business is not only fun, but profitable.  As a consultant with Delta Pearls, you will earn 20% commission on your sales.  Pearl parties can average $600 per party, which earns you $120.  Not every party will be $600.  Some parties will be more and some parties will be less.  Like any business, results are directly related to the effort put into it.

Our company also believes in rewarding those that help us to grow.  You can earn an extra 4% commissions from the sales of Independent Consultants that you bring into our business.  And, as their team leader, if you train them how to grow their own business and invite others into our company as Independent Consultants, you can earn an additional 1% of their consultants sales.  You will continue to earn commission from your consultants as long as you are active with at least one qualifying part of $250 per month.

What is inside the Independent Consultant Kit:

Necklace and stand


Ring and stand


Earrings and stand


Bracelet and stand


Extra display stand

Oysters are packed in groups of 20.  You will get your first pack of oysters with your kit that will require a $100 deposit.  When you have your first qualifying part of $250, you will get your deposit refunded.  You will have the option of putting a deposit on more oysters to get started.  Please see IC Kit #1 to see the pricing on additional oyster deposits.

Each oyster is vacuum packed.  It is suggested that you do not open the vacuum pack until you are ready to open the oyster.  The oysters will last for up to a year in the vacuum pack, but only 1-2 days out of the pack.  To keep them fresh longer outside of the pack, place them in 25% alcohol and 75% water.  This will allow them to keep for approximately 4-5 days.

As an Independent Consultant, you will also get a "dashboard" to view your sales and commissions.  The dashboard also allows you to invite new consultants to your team.  As we grow, we will continue to add new tools for you to grow your business.

Each Independent Consultant will also get their own special link to send customers to so that your sales can be registered in the system as your sales.  Those sales then appear in your dashboard where you can keep track of your sales, your customers, and the consultants you invite into the company.

We have lots of other features in the works that we will release as we continue to grow.  We sincerely hope that you will join us for this wonderful and exciting ride!  

Benefits of Joining Delta Pearls

  1. An amazing "Welcome Kit" (valued at over $500)
  2. A unique link to Delta Pearls that allows your sales to be tracked (valued at over $199).
  3. Independent Consultant training in marketing and social media to help you grow your business (valued at over $500).
  4. Earnings on your personal sales along with your first level (4%) and second level (1%) representatives that you bring in.

Starting October 1, 2017, we will be asking all potential consultants to complete a survey to apply to become a consultant.  Our company has grown very quickly.  We are excited to be able to review your application to see if you are one of the few selected to become a Delta Pearl Girl!.  PLEASE NOTE:  Once you have purchased your kit, it can take as long as 8 weeks to arrive.

Apply Today to Join Delta Pearls

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Shelly Turner
Owner, Delta Pearls